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3 Keys to protect your important business deals

Proper due diligence and contracts can protect a business deal from dragging you, your company into a risky position though protracted patent litigation that scares your customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, and licensees, not to mention the exorbitant legal expenses and potential money damages. In this PatentCast, Craige explains how a recent expansion of the “Single Actor Rule” exposes more businesses to patent infringement risk and 3 cost-effective steps you should consider to avoid patent litigation- even if you are just licensing a trademark or selling an unpatentable product.

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Many sophisticated patent clients have learned from other patent attorneys that long claims are bad and short claims are good. 

Craige explodes this fallacy with case studies about how a long claim can be ideal or a raw deal, depending on its structure. 

Craige exposes the secret ingredient that is essential for every claim, irrespective of its word count.

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Software is patentable when you follow the rules. Craige analyzes how the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) invalidated issued software claims because the claim drafter simply framed the claims in a way that was too abstract. This illustrates an avoidable, but all too common, flaw that leads to the demise of many software claims.

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