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In this episode of Ask The Patent Attorney Craige analyzes Michael Powell v Home Depot to answer one of our most frequently asked question, “How can I Monetize my patent asset?”  

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In this episode, Craige Thompson answers the frequently asked question "How do international patents work?" Craige discusses his perspective about the international patent process.

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Should you file a provisional or a non-provisional? There is no one size fits all answer. The best choice depends on your unique business situation and strategy. Craige explains what makes these two filings similar and different from each other so you can make a more fully informed decision.  

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The Alice barrier to software just got cut down a couple notches! 

Is this sleepy little case going to shake up prosecution and litigation of software patents?

Tawfiq uncovers how it might have just become harder to invalidate software claims, under step 2 of Alice in District Court, while Craige explains the potential sea change that promises to hold the patent examiners back from sloppy Alice rejections. Help is on the way for protecting software.

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