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Disaster befalls a patent owner whom they decided not to tell the Patent Office about 61 sales using the claimed intervention before the patent’s critical date. Craige explains how they hurt themselves in the patent office, which led to them losing their patent, getting sued for tortious interference, and paying the competitors legal fees on top of damages!

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Did you know... fear from being sued and future business losses does not give you the right to sue a patent owner to get their patent declared invalid/ not infringed? Craige explains how manufacturers can defend themselves by a “DJ” (declaratory judgment) attack under some facts, but not others

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visit: to get your copy of the Patent Flowchart. Most patents get rejected at least once. What is going on? Axiom during patent prosecution: "The key is to get out of the PTO as fast as possible with Litigation Quality Patent claims that cover a Commercially Valuable Choke Point."

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Good news! You could be sued in fewer places!

Business owners will be relieved to know that their risk of being sued for patent infringement in some far away and unfriendly court just went down! Find out how a patent spat over supercomputers can keep you from traveling so far to defend against a charge of patent infringement.  


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