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In this IPR PTABCast episode, The Examiner Whisperer, Craige Thompson, breaks down three strong currents that combine to swiftly carry unsuspecting Patent Owners away from the golden "infringement" shore and out to drown in the sea of "invalidity." Craige reveals some rescue techniques, including proper drafting techniques for Litigation Quality Patents.


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Well, you better set up your patent to stand up to litigation AND draft a bulletproof licensing agreement, otherwise your license could get your patent killed, and leave you with nothing. See how this happened to Dr. Jung and take steps so it won’t happen to you.

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In this episode Craige Thompson characterizes the three phases of the patent life cycle before, during, and after the patent office. Craige introduces his perspective as a veteran patent attorney on how business executives should think about each phase of the patent process.

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When approaching a prototyping company or manufacturer, technology executives recognize that they must "open the kimono" to share intimate details of their inventions. To help technology executives avoid common mistakes that will invite expensive and unwelcome litigation, Craige introduces how a start-up won $91 Million (but lost potential billions!!) in defending its heart valve replacement technology. Listen to this real life case study that involves mistakes made with regard to handling patents, trade secrets, and non-disclosure agreements in the relationship between inventor and manufacturer 


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Money in the middle of conventional extremes.

One repeatable trick companies can use to mine patentable inventions is to find the "third way" that takes the best (but leaves the rest) from both extremes. In this case, the invention mining formula claims software that automatically configures a memory system to optimize performance based on the type of processor. This has the performance benefit of a custom solution with the affordable cost of a "one size fits all" approach. 

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Intellectual ventures patent misses a huge potential win because the claim had gone one throw away step too far, on a technology that could have covered SMS text messaging. Craige reveals the litigation and patent drafting mistakes made by both Intellectual Ventures and Motorola and what they could have done differently to change or improve their outcome. Did you know that just characterizing the prior art negatively could narrow your claim scope in a way you didn't even mention in the patent? It's true! Find out more in this episode.  

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