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EPISODE 26 - The Examiner Whisperer - Network Signatures v State Farm

In this episode of the Litigation Quality Patents® Podcast, a patent owner fails to pay a maintenance fee on time and then gets a call from a potential licensee. Can the patent be successfully revived? Today's case recently happened, resulting in a patent attorney getting slapped with a charge of  inequitable conduct, for filing a petition for revival due to unintentional delay. Craige offers help, explaining a system the patent owner can use to safely manage a portfolio. He also explains the best practice for patent attorneys to avoid the pain and litigation expenses resulting from charges of inequitable conduct.

Craige's special guests are, Richard Bragg, a Patent Attorney practicing in the Minneapolis area and Dr. John Leighton, an associate attorney at Thompson Patent Law. 

Listen to the Podcast:

EPISODE 26 - Network Signatures v State Farm - Oct 3 2013

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