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EPISODE 19 - The Examiner Whisperer - Plantronics v Aliph

In this episode of the Litigation Quality Patents® Podcast, a federal circuit court overturns a district court decision, with a reminder that it is improper to import limitations into the claims without clear claim scope. Also, a patent owner’s evidence of secondary factors such as commercial success and copying, must be considered before the claims can be held obvious. Craige offers a very valuable bonus. He shares a secret which reveals the section of the MPEP he recommends for getting ideas to overcome obviousness rejections.

Craige’s special guests are Mike Heinrich, an attorney and consultant in engineering and intellectual property areas and Dr. John Leighton, an associate attorney at Thompson Patent Law.

Listen to the Podcast:

EPISODE 19 – The Examiner Whisperer – Plantronics v Aliph – Aug 08 2013

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